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If you're an older adult who believes retirement is just a word, not a destination, and you're eager to channel your lifelong strengths into a meaningful mission, I am here for you.


With my tailored travel experiences, immersive retreats, and dynamic courses, I specialize in unlocking your untapped potential. We promise to guide you toward turning your enduring strengths into an actionable and fulfilling journey, ensuring your next chapters are as vibrant and purposeful as you are.

Hello!  I'm Nick

nickolas L. Vannello


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The difference between a rut and a grave is a few feet.
Let's get you out of your rut.

Course Offerings

Courses, Retreats, Workshops


Coming April 2024

If you're a dynamic retreat leader hindered by lack of tech skills or fear of creating your retreat sales page, this workshop is for you. Discover how to swiftly craft your sales page, overcoming mindset blocks to prosperity.


By the end of this self-paced course, you'll have a ready-to-launch sales page, erasing technical fears. Plus, this page serves as a repeatable template for future success, integrating participant organization and payment collection seamlessly.


Join me to unlock your full potential and make your retreat planning effortless.



If you find yourself constantly juggling life's tasks, and you're still struggling to understand your passion and purpose, join me as we discover your "8 Jars." In this transformational journaling and self--reflective retreat, you will learn how to tap into your 8 Jars to quickly assess your needs, and learn how to fill those needs, so that you can be the strong, self-reliant person you know dwells inside of you.

Dates to be Announced

Never Clocking Out

Facing the expectation to continuously excel and balance life's manifold roles can seem daunting. Yet, even the most steadfast among us recognize the necessity to step back, recharge, and gather wisdom for the journey ahead. "Never Clocking Out" introduces a retreat open to all who envision a life rich with purpose, far beyond the traditional retirement age. Whether driven by economic realities or a desire to remain perpetually engaged, this retreat offers you the tools to harmonize all aspects of life, establish meaningful boundaries, and prioritize what truly matters. You'll emerge with a serene focus, a network of supportive allies, and the energy to master your world, ready to embrace every moment without pause.

Dates to be Announced



If you are a small business or retreat leader, join the Magazine Academy to learn how to develop, plan, create, publish, and distribute your own digital magazine or newsletter. This valuable skill can help you connect you to your clients, advertise your business, and generate passive income.


This at-your-own-pace,
10-module course teaches you everything that you need to easily produce a publication that will position you as an industry leader and set you apart from your competition.

Dates to be Announced

About Nick
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I give people permission to lead their best Second-Half Lives.

My fabulous tribe includes those over 40, 50, 60, and beyond. After dedicating their lives to everyone else, I help people discover adventure, awaken passions, fulfill their purpose, and do it with lots of laughter. 

I am known in professional circles as a dynamic instructor and workshop presenter who has presented in all 50 US States, dozens of universities, and even for the White House staff. But to pigeon-hole me as “just a speaker” category is unfair.

At the age of 22, an astrologer looked at my chart and said, “Oh, my! You’re going to be known for excelling at all kinds of things! You’ll need a business card for this specialty, a business card for this other specialty….” Her prediction was correct.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have built several businesses. Currently I am the CEO of GoNaked Travels, a service that takes male nudists to upscale, bucket-list destinations (crazy, right?!). My goal is to coach individuals to push beyond their own perceived limitations and teach that “success does not have a timeline.”

I believe that education and courage can transform your life. It worked for me, and I'm certain it will work for you. 

You are the Captain of Your Soul.


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Jennifer Ellis
Senior Manager, Revenue Management

Nick Vannello is a powerhouse and a classroom favorite. He understands adult learning, knows the software and curriculum, and thrives on the teaching and learning process. Hire him if you get the chance; your end users and leaders will thank you!

jan (1).jpeg

Jan Lynch
Problem Solver, Analyst

If you want the best trainer in the business, Nick is your man. Nick goes above and beyond in all his training sessions. He has the uncanny ability to provide extra support to those in the class who are struggling without boring those who are exceling. He has an incredible sense of humor that can put anyone at ease. He is one of a kind and truly an asset to anyone with the foresight to employ him!


Joe Torres
Medical Software Trainer

Nick is a true master as his craft and you will be lucky to have him as your instructor!
He is very talented and able to do get users to learn the most out of a lesson plan. He is quick witted, extremely effective and self-sufficient while being highly motivated.

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