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I give people permission to lead their best
Second-Half Lives.My fabulous tribe includes those over 40, 50, 60, and beyond. After dedicating their lives to everyone else, I help people discover adventure, awaken passions, fulfill their purpose, and do it with lots of laughter. 

I am known in professional circles as a dynamic instructor and workshop presenter who has presented in all 50 US States, dozens of universities, and even for the White House staff. But to pigeon-hole me as “just a speaker” category is unfair.

At the age of 22, an astrologer looked at my chart and said, “Oh, my! You’re going to be known for excelling at all kinds of things! You’ll need a business card for this specialty, a business card for this other specialty….” Her prediction was correct.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have built several businesses. Currently I publish GoNaked Magazine, a digital magazine for male nudists. I coach individuals to help them push beyond their own perceived limitations and teach that “success does not have a timeline.”

I welcome you to join me as I share my "Lessons Learned" 

© 2024 by Nickolas L Vannello

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